Carbon Ankle Seven

Carbon Ankle Seven carbon springs make it possible to build ankle foot orthoses of particularly low weight that are also able to withstand high dynamic loads.


Malleo Sensa

The Malleo Sensa provides the necessary stability for your ankle following injuries or inflammation.


Malleo Sprint

After ankle injuries or in case of chronic instabilities, the active orthosis securely stabilises your ankle.


Malleo TriStep

The Malleo TriStep multi-functional orthosis can be adapted to the three phases of healing after ankle ligament injuries.


WalkOn and WalkOn Trimable

The WalkOn/Trimable helps lift the foot when the foot lifting musculature is paralysed, and stabilises the ankle with slight support for a physiological gait pattern.


WalkOn Reaction

The WalkOn Reaction uses the ground reaction force to help lift the foot and raise the knee joint in case of minor paralysis of the lower limbs.


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