Back/cervical spine

Lumbo Direxa

The Lumbo Direxa helps alleviate slight to moderate back pain in the lumbar spine.


Lumbo Sensa

In case of back pain, for example due to signs of wear, the orthosis ensures proper posture and actively supports your lumbar spine.


Dorso Direxa Posture

The Dorso Direxa Posture actively straightens the thoracic spine and stabilises the lumbar spine while providing relief for both areas.


Smartspine Extension Brace

In case of thoracic spine pain the brace provides extension support by straightening the upper thoracic spine to the sacrococcygeal junction.


Necky Color and Necky Color Forte

After a whiplash injury or in case of rheumatoid complaints, the Necky Color and Necky Color Forte orthoses provide the necessary support and safety for your cervical spine.


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