Body-powered prostheses

An amputation is a major change for you and your family. We want to be your trusted companion along the way. Our goal is to show you that losing part of your mobility is not the end. Modern prostheses restore mobility and freedom of movement. You will see that you can continue to master your life – day-to-day, in recreational activities and at work – with a good fitting.

Mechanical and robust – body-powered upper limb prostheses

High stability, easy handling and more independence – mechanical upper limb prostheses are ideally suited for manual activities in difficult conditions or outdoor activities.



The ErgoArm®, ErgoArm® plus, ErgoArm® Hybrid and ErgoArm® Electronic plus elbow components offer high functionality, low weight and an attractive appearance.



Thanks to their highly precise grip, hooks are a good alternative to system hands on cable-controlled prostheses.


Body harnesses 21A35=1, 21A36=1

In addition to wearer comfort, the 21A35=1 and 21A36=1 body harnesses offer effective and inconspicuous prosthesis control for users of cable-controlled arm prostheses.


Passive arm prostheses

Amputees who value the appearance of their prosthesis rather than its functionality are well advised to obtain a passive arm prosthesis.


Prosthesis gloves

Prosthesis gloves help harmoniously integrate the prosthesis into the overall body image. The glove also protects the mechanics of the prosthetic hand.


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