Lower limb prosthetics system overview

An amputation is a major change for you and your family. We want to be your trusted companion along the way. Our goal is to show you that losing part of your mobility is not the end. Modern prostheses restore mobility and freedom of movement. You will see that you can continue to master your life – day-to-day, in recreational activities and at work – with a good fitting.

Knee Joints

3R106 Pro

Users who have a moderate activity level like the servo-pneumatic control of the 3R106 Pro prosthetic knee joint, which allows for independent adaptation to different walking speeds.


Knee joint 3R60

A prosthesis system for users with a moderate activity level. Suitable for amputation levels from knee disarticulation to hemipelvectomy.


Knee joint 3R78

The 3R78 prosthetic knee joint offers security in the stance phase and harmonious movement patterns in addition to a high flexion angle.


Knee joint 3R80

Since the 3R80 knee joint makes it possible to walk on uneven ground in particular, it offers more freedom of movement and greater independence for prosthesis wearers.


Electronic knee joint 3E80

The 3E80 knee joint combines the advantages of rotary hydraulics with electronic monitoring and control.


Silicone cover for lower limb prostheses

Following an amputation, many prosthesis wearers want to recreate the appearance of their leg. This is made possible thanks to the strikingly natural appearance of silicone covers in custom skin colours.



For the Kenevo, the focus is on safety. Basic functions provide support in everyday situations and three activity modes adapt to your skill level, which is a great advantage, especially for rehabilitation and for less active people.



No other microprocessor-controlled knee is worn by as many people worldwide as the C-Leg. It set a new standard in 1997 and studies continue to prove its reliability. Today, its new features make it the best C-Leg of all time.



SACH+ feet 1S101, 1S102, 1S103

For seniors and less active prosthesis wearers, the SACH+ foot in three versions also offers an inconspicuous, virtually natural appearance.


Prosthetic feet 1D10, 1D11

The 1D10 and 1D11 Dynamic prosthetic feet feature a high level of functionality and are visually appealing thanks to shaped toes.



Based on the natural model, the 1C30 Trias prosthetic foot features a strikingly attractive appearance in addition to very comfortable mobility.


Triton prosthetic feet

Triton is designed for ambitious individuals who navigate varied indoor and outdoor environments and place a high value on uncompromised response and control even when performing high impact activities.


Silicone partial foot prosthesis

In addition to creating a natural appearance, silicone forefoot prostheses permit affected individuals to live their everyday lives without major restrictions – barefoot or with standard shoes.



Liners in the Caleo range

The elastic liners in the Caleo product range have a great fit and contain medical white oil. Thanks to the nourishing effect of the white oil, they are also suitable for residual limbs with dry, sensitive skin.


Liners in the Skeo range

The liners in the Skeo range are very durable. They stabilise even residual limbs with a high proportion of soft tissue.


Liners in the Uneo range

The liners in the Uneo range envelop even sensitive, bony or scarred residual limbs thanks to their soft, yielding material. This product range includes a large selection of liners with different characteristics.


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