A fulfilling childhood despite an amputation

Promote movement, live life to the fullest

Smooth motions during walking, grasping and using fine hand motor skills, picking up speed when walking or running: Children who wear a prosthetic device can enjoy a wide variety of activities in everyday life and in their free time. To help you meet your child’s wishes and requirements to the greatest possible extent, you need a device that meets these needs as well. We offer a special selection of prostheses and components for children. Our products are robust, flexible and compatible at the same time. By working together, we can find the best products for your child.

1K30 SACH foot for children

Featuring a natural appearance, the 1K30 SACH foot with shaped toes is designed to meet the needs of children and young prosthesis users.


1S30 SACH foot for children

The 1S30 SACH foot guarantees stability for smaller children up to 35 kilograms.


1K10 Dynamic foot for children

The 1K10 dynamic foot for children offers easy rollover and a good energy return.


3R65 Knee joint for children

The 3R65 prosthetic knee joint is particularly well suited for children and adolescents thanks to its low net weight and adaptability.


3R66 Knee joint for children

Prosthetic knee joint with high flexion angle and low net weight supports the child’s urge to move.


3R67 Knee joint for children

Spontaneity and a joy of discovery are a given for children. Thanks to our hydraulically controlled 3R67 knee joint for children, there’s nothing stopping kids who have had a transfemoral amputation anymore.


Arm prosthesis system for children

The arm prosthesis system for children provides a high level of functionality and good optical adaptation, allowing your child to effortlessly explore their surroundings.


Coloured prosthetic gloves for children

Keep a low profile, no matter the cost? On the contrary: Children seek new ways of expressing themselves so they can use what makes them special to find their place in their social environment.


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