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Your child not only needs good support when you’re out and about, but should also be able to take in the surroundings so he or she can be actively involved.

Experiencing their environment has a positive effect on a child’s overall development.

Rehab buggies and power wheelchairs give your child the necessary stability, provide relief and support therapy. And our devices do this continually, “growing” with your child and adapting to potential changes in symptoms. Mobility devices – propelled by the child or pushed by an attendant – are very important in everyday life.

That’s why we offer you numerous models with a wide range of options. These enable us to meet your child’s individual needs, and naturally your requirements as well: Our models are designed to be very compact and simple to use and can be easily stowed and quickly loaded into a vehicle. They all have the same goal: to make your life easier.

Kimba Neo

The Kimba Neo provides your child with the required support while travelling, offers relief and even makes therapy easier. It absorbs jolts and can be individually adjusted for nearly every need.


Lisa rehab folding buggy

Folding buggy for children with mild postural weakness


Skippi/Skippi Plus – power wheelchair for children

The Skippi power wheelchair promotes mobility and encourages participation for children who are unable to drive a wheelchair themselves. Your child can explore his or her surroundings and is able to move freely and play with other children.


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